Friday, May 21, 2010

A lot of Firsts

So today was a day of Firsts in our furry abode. Josh had his first night at Walmart last night/this morning, followed immediately by his first college exam! The subject: Ancient History (think Socrates) (on a side-note Josh's teacher told them they could pronounce the ancient Greek's names how ever they wanted as they had no proof how it was actually said...and then she said they could say So-crate-s like Bill and Ted instead of Saw-cra-tees! We thought that was the best thing ever!)
Ok back to the exam...after spending all night working, and heading straight to the exam at 7 am when he got off...he got the highest grade in the class! Go Babe!! <3

Some other firsts first night with no Babe to help with the baby (not a super fun first), my first lactation consultation (went very well), and at said lactation appointment Eavie had her first poopie blowout! Unfortunately Mommy didn't have the regular diaper bag, so not for the first time we had a naked baby wrapped in a blanket! Mommy fail.

What have we learned today class? Always bring the regular diaper bag...some diapers and wipes in a purse a diaper bag does not make.

And the best part of this weekend?! Shrek came out today!! And we are seeing tomorrow!! I heart Shrek. I would totally marry him if I could...

And lastly (could I have worse grammer? I think not) Day 3 of Weight Watchers is much better than Day 2 and immensely less snacky than Day 1.

That is all.

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