Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New beginnings

So we just got into our new place! I love it. The windows, oh so much light!! After 8 months of basement life this is heaven! I will post lots of pictures as soon as our new living room set is delivered and we have the place looking like we didn't just move in :) Things are going well here. Josh is working hard as always and the babies are growing like weeds. I am trying to get myself motivated in the weight loss and exercise department. What I really need is a work out partner... ahem (Jennifer Atwal...I am looking at you).

Evalyn Moment: I am eating jalapeno chips as I write this and Eavie was begging for one. Yes I told her they were hot :) I forgot I gave her one and a few minutes later... "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" Yes she's fine. No she won't ask for another :)

Anyways, it was in the mid-60's yesterday!! Can I get a halleluiah!? Today it is grey and cool, but hoping for spring soon. I miss the sun and warmth. I miss home. It almost killed me this past weekend that I wasn't at my cousin's wedding. I wanted to be there so badly. I teared up at every picture I saw of her and my family. I hope they all know how much I miss them. We are planning a trip in May it looks like. Just depends on Josh's boss since he is paying for Josh to go to training and we are just tagging along. Any excuse to go to Florida right?! Eavie will have just turned 2 and Jack will be about 5 months... wow.

Evalyn is turning two next month! April 19th is the big day and I am so excited :) I hope we can plan a nice little party for her although the weather is a tad unpredictable so who knows. The best laid plans... Speaking of the little monster (I mean Miss) she is wonderful! Really she is such a joy 85% of the time. She has adjusted so well to the move, and she is so much happier with the new added freedom of her own house. Right now she is coloring in the living room. She is a little artist! She spends a lot of time really focusing on her coloring and getting it just right...she also gets mad when it's not going well and crinkles the paper and throws it! I'm not sure what to do with that one. Right now she is saying "I color, I color, I color." I ask her if she needs a new paper and her prompt reply is "Yep!" Everything affirmative is yep right now, it's really funny! I hand her a new paper and hear "Thank you Mama. Thank you Mama" She melts my heart a thousand times a day. It is so amazing watching these little beings that you helped create. Our children are our most precious gifts and each should be treated as such. Heavenly Father trusts us to do a good job at taking care of his little children and whether you are a parent to your own or not this is each of our responsibilities. We should all nurture, encourage and love each others children. It takes a village ya know!

Jackie boy is napping in my room. We will get him a crib soon I promise. He is such a sweet, happy little guy. He gets mad quickly though if you don't realize he is hungry or needs a nap. That boy likes to eat and sleep. Maybe that's why he is over half his sister's weight already! Quick shout out to my cousins in England! Congratulations to Paul, Lauren, and Keira on new little Zoe...sorry I don't know how to do the special e :) Forgive me. And another congratulations to the new Mrs. Amanda Mitryk! I can't believe she is married. I love you all and miss you terribly! Until next time!! <3 I leave you with this little chicky :)