Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to (Not) Teach Relief Society

So several months back I was called to be a relief society teacher (I graciously accepted the calling while freaking out internally)...and so every week leading up until the third Sunday of the month I have my ritual freak out, panic building, bemoaning life, melt down as I prepare to teach on Sunday. This past week was no different. This weeks lesson was on work and personal responsibility (a wonderful lesson) I (sorta) diligently prepared my lesson.... (read through it Thursday and then Saturday night got it together) I whined regularly about it....vowed I was going to ask to be released! I just can't do it! The stress! Then Sunday morning comes. I am calm. I know my lesson will be good. I am ready to face the lions. Only this Sunday happened to be Branch Conference, which meant I did not have a class to teach...and there was supposedly a phone call that was to be made to me to let me know....but well it wasn't. Oh. All of a sudden I wanted to teach my class. I love the feeling I get as my fellow sisters discuss the topics and generously input their experiences to enrich the lesson. And then I whined and moaned to my husband about how I didn't get to teach my lesson.

I think I need a lot less moaning in my life and more just doing. What do you think?

1 am anyone?

So what is pink, and wet and making me cringe all over? Evalyn screaming hysterically in bed at 1 am!! Two words.... TEETHING SUCKS. That is all for now.