Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!  Er...2 days ago....  But we just can't let the oppourtunity slide to talk about candy!  Or pumpkins!  And did I mention candy? 

We had a wonderfully fun time this Halloween!  We carved pumpkins, we made Halloween decorations, we dressed up and let children run wild!  It had been a very busy few days so mine and Josh's costumes were thrown together last minute.  I ended up being a 50's housewife (I don't know how well I pulled it off but it was fun wearing red lipstick!) and Josh decided to be an angry BYU fan... yeah...anyways, if you can't figure out what my kids are then we have a problem!

A few weeks ago Evalyn and I made fun Halloween decorations.  We got a cute little kit at Target for like $5.  Can't beat that!  I really wanted to cut out bat shapes to put in the windows and this kit had little foam bats you just punched out and tape up.  Easy peasy!  It also had stuff to make a little Halloween wreath and Eavie just loved helping me glue eyes and decorate with glitter!  She kept calling the big bats the Mommy and Daddy bats and the little ones were the babies.  She is so cute.

Completed wreath!

So funny story about the wreath...  The day we did it we were so proud and of course we wanted to display our amazing artistic skills to the neighbors (note the sarcasm) so I hung it on our wreath hook on the front door.  We were very proud and then promptly forgot it was there.  Fast forward a couple hours...  A storm blows in.  And I mean BLOWS.  I was momentarily afraid a tornado was coming it was that strong.  And then the thunder crashed and the rain poured and the wind is going berserk and leaves are flying willy nilly.  We are staring out the window (duh storms are awesome and rare here) and something goes skipping across the yard.  A full 3 seconds pass before I realize what it is!  Our wreath!  Oh heck no I say to myself, we worked too hard!  So I charge out into the storm after it.  Evalyn has locked me out before though and she will open the door if you go out and let the cats out so I made her stand on the doorstep (it has a cover) in the rushing wind and rain while I ran like a lunatic after our little cardboard masterpiece.  I rescued it and came in soaking wet.  It has hung here in the kitchen ever since...We also hung bats in the windows and colored lots of pictures!

We carved our pumpkins a couple days before Halloween, and I really wish I had taken pictures then as the pumpkins are rather sad looking now.  For what it's worth here are the pumpkins.  Mine is a witch riding a broom (it looked awesome I promise) and Josh did a wonderful job on a University of Washington W! 

And we have the requisite black demon cat Momo or Memo if you are listening to Evalyn!

And then on to Halloween night!  We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood to get in on the trick or treating action.  Grandma made a delicious pre-trick or treating dinner of chili dogs and we chowed down.  We had a really fun group going out.

Our family, Aunt Savannah and Kennidy, Olyvia and her friend Jessie and the new Jensen clan (minus Joe, he came back later)  Kenna came a little later too and looked great as a witch!  She couls have come straight from Hogwarts, I was so jealous of her costume!  Grandma and Grandpa also took turns out with us to see the crazy kids have a blast.  And man they did!  Eavie and Kennidy were so funny running at full speed after the big kids.  Jack was blowing raspberries in Daddy's face most of the time, but don't worry we got his candy for him ;)  And now the required photo dump!

Can you believe they are letting us get candy!?
Baby Cooper is getting big!

Cooper met Darth Vader and about passed out!
Lovely little lady bug!

Ferocious lion and fanatic Josh!
Don't worry I got this.