Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is this sleep thing?

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Sorry there haven't been any posts in awhile...although come to think of it I don't know of anybody who actually checks :) so that's a good thing! Josh is walking the baby right now. We have decided to change her name to Grump Face... She is 7 weeks old tomorrow and man are we ready for this newborn thing to be over! People say the first 6 weeks are the hardest so here's hoping that over the next month things will settle down! She is a good sleeper. The only problem is she only decides to sleep about once every two days... I have not entirely worked out the biology of how she is able to do this considering she is supposed to sleep like 10 hours or more a day! The Babe and I on the other hand are not on the same supernatural sleep cycle that our wayward offspring is...which means not only is Eavie a Grump Face but so are Mommy and Daddy! I love my baby. I do. I just also love sleep, and it is an integral part of making me a nice(er) person...just ask Josh.

lol Josh just said "I think babies should grow into their arms...not have them when they are born. They just get in their way." lol It's so true. If Eavie is not bundled tightly there is no way she will stay asleep for any length of time. If we can see a finger get out it's all over...

Memorial Day was good, we went over to the grandparents house for a bbq and we played cards... I like cards. Everyone is gone this week though at Savannah's (Josh's sister) open house in Washington. So what on earth are we to do about food on a Sunday you may ask... chicken tacos!!! (to be said like Jack Black in Nacho Libre in case you were needing some inspiration) And last but not least I return to work this week...which is scary but it's from home so thats great. Oh and one more thing! Guess where we are going this Friday!?

Dum dum dum dum!! The Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point!

Woot woot! Eavie is super excited...I can tell by the way she stares at me when I tell her about it...Josh does the same stare too so I think that means he is also thrilled to go :) Woot!

Have a great Sunday...oh and by the way I totally made it through all my meetings today with Eavie in tow! Am I a super champ or what?!

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