Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Bigger!

Evalyn is ONE MONTH OLD tomorrow! How did that happen? I am pretty sure I just gave birth to her yesterday, but somehow the baby in my arms is so different from the one I held a month ago. She is even more alert (everyone has commented on her alertness from the beginning), stronger, starting to make cooing sounds, watching me and the Daddy for lengths of time....and going bald? Wait...where did that soft, downy blond/strawberry hair go? All I can say is "please come back pretty". So now I have a one month old, absolutely beautiful old man-haired daughter (who I love so much for the record).
In other news...tomorrow I am going to a meeting to learn about working from home! The baby's room will double as my office. Or I should say triple as it is also our guest room where my Love's bestie is currently staying (aka Uncle Joe). This will prove an interesting arrangement as there is a full size bed, a crib, and a small bookshelf in the room...and that is all it really fits! Where my desk is going to go will have to be determined. I really don't want to take down the bed...I have a weird obsession with it. This bed was my college bed (where the obsession started) and I have had sooo many wonderful sleeps, naps, lounges and the like with this bed. My father (un)willingly helped me move it to Utah from Florida in (ahem) January 2009 when I moved out before I got married in May. And for the past 10 and a half months it was our bed...mine and my husband's. This arrangement was not to be, however, as Josh could not sleep without pain. There are also strange rumors floating about that I slept smack dab in the middle of the bed (with my cat Parvati) and that my poor, space-less husband was teetering on the edge for months. There are no credible eyewitnesses to this fact at the present time. In my defense I spent several years developing the perfect groove in the middle of the bed and my body understood where it belonged...not my fault. Long story long, we upgraded in March to a king bed, which is like the Sahara Desert of beds it's so freaking big, but we needed it and I really enjoy it (although I secretly still long for the other bed, which is why I cringe at the thought of taking it down, the bed would be sad you see... as I am already cheating on it with the new bed)
I'm not sure how this ended up being about my bed(s)... please forget we ever discussed it and for heaven's sake... don't tell my husband!

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