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December 16, 2011

And almost 6 months after the fact...

I have two amazing men in my life and they both have the same birthday.  How awesome is that?  They also happen to be father and son.  This is Jack's birth.  Enjoy.

38 weeks
   Josh and I arrived at the birth center, Birthing Your Way, about 5:30 pm on Thursday, December 15th.  We were there for a scheduled induction.  We were not, however, going to the hospital to have pitocin, which is why I was up for it! (pitocin is not fun for me) My wonderful birth team included my midwife Heather Shelley, a midwifery student Mollee Mansfield, two wonderful amazing doulas-in-training just needing more birthing experience Carrie Valadez and Jennifer Gundersen, and of course the reason I was large with child to begin with! (love you babe) I seem to remember another midwife there very early in the evening but she was not staying for the birth, and I *think* another staff person from the birth center, but things get fuzzier as the night went on.  Well not fuzzier, just more focused :)

  I don't remember everything perfectly so bear with me.  I knew roughly what the plan was as far as trying to get my labor started and was a little apprehensive that it wouldn't work.  I was very ready to meet my little boy though so we gave it all we had.  We started with a check and I was a 3 (cm dilated that is), pretty thick (as in effacement) and no contractions to speak of.  I was not in labor!  But I already knew that!  So my midwife started us off with some pressure points and rubbing essential oils onto my big, 9 month belly to try and get contractions going.  The oils were warm, Clary Sage and Fennel, and smelled like black licorice.  Josh and I had been doing the oils on my tummy for a couple weeks to promote contractions and such so this felt just like home!  I was lying in a beautiful room in the converted Victorian style house that is now the birth center.  There was a fire going, candles warming the room, dim lighting, and a CD playing soothing nature music and Native American pipes.  It all felt very natural.  Women helping women to birth a new life.  This is why I had chosen the birth center and my midwife and I was very content in this moment.

  After awhile the dreaded words came about.  "Now go walk for an hour."  Gulp.  Seriously?  I had trouble walking around the mall and they wanted me to walk for an hour outside on a December night?  Yes.  Yes they did, so out the door we went.  We walked around the block looking at the pretty shop windows, the colorful Christmas lights, listening to Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas" on Pandora on my phone.  It was like a mini-date and we talked about how we couldn't believe our son was almost here.  I was toasty in a sweater and poor Josh was wrapped in a blanket (because why would you bring your jacket when leaving the house in Utah in mid-December when it's in the 20's out?)  We walked solidly for an hour.  I believe that the cold air kept me going as I overheated so quickly in the mall and felt great walking that night.  I walked and talked and mentally saw my baby descending, willing my body to cooperate so he could come.  When our time was up we walked back to the birth center and I was praying we would find progress as I still was not contracting regularly.

  "A 5!!", my midwife said surprised, "And he's right there!"  I was elated at my progress in just an hour.
  "So do you wanna break your water?" The answer was an excited yes!  And we were off.  To be continued... Here's a spoiler it ends with a beautiful, healthy baby :)

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