Saturday, June 16, 2012


Thanks to my Jenny for keeping me honest and reminding me to post!!

Okay, so honestly, I just looked at the date of my first post and was shocked to see June 4th on there!  Seriously?  I could have sworn I just posted it.  So anyways, here we are almost 2 weeks later.  It's been a crazy couple weeks, and I was totally doing great keeping myself on track until the day that our dear friends (you know who you are) called and said they'd made enchiladas and were bringing them over.  I'm sorry.  It's so totally rude to say no to enchiladas!  And the resulting mind-blowing brownies we made to accompany said enchiladas was also impossible to avoid without being rude................

Is anybody buying this?  Anybody?  Didn't think so.

We had delicious enchiladas and brownies that we all wanted to make out with and then I made them play "Sorry" with us and it was a really long, awesome game.  So like I was saying... that day was the start of several (read almost a week) of bad choices when it comes to food, and drinks, and snacks, and exercise.  Like any good woman I am shaking it off and getting back on the proverbial horse.  And did I mention it was my birthday yesterday?  And my husband and family threw me a surprise party?  Yeah, it was as awesome as it sounds and I will have a full post on it once I steal some pics from one totally awesome sister-in-law!  Keeping it honest, I had lost 1.5 lbs as of Tuesday morning, but this being Saturday night I'm not counting my eggs and all that.  I have a two year old to put back in bed.  Tomorrow is Sunday and Father's Day.  I am making Josh pancakes after letting him sleep in for as long as he likes.  That is my gift :) Sleep.  Oh and being 26 comes with hair changes.... apologies for the bad phone pic.  <3

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