Monday, June 4, 2012


So I have this baby weight I need to lose. I said goodbye to my extra poundage in January and signed back on with trusty Weight Watchers and prepared to watch the pounds melt away. Fast forward ahem...almost 6 months?! Is that possible?! $42 buckaroos a month and no weight-loss to show for it? Only one word to describe it. Sucks. Bad. And the worst part my friends? I have no one to blame but myself. Okay so enough self-deprecation. Onto the reason for this post. I (as we already know) have like a total crush on Pinterest (like for real) like.... valley girl impression over. They have lots of wonderfully motivating things on there and one of them was this.

This blog Yes, You Can is about a few girls and their amazing journey towards healthy bodies and minds.  Healthy.  That's all I want to be.  For my children, for my husband.  And if I look great on top of feeling great, then that is just a bonus.  I woke up this morning with a new mindset and it's refreshing.  I have been trying to get back in the swing of weight-loss for months, but just couldn't seem to find a reason to say no to the sweets and constant snacks.  Then last night at my wonderful mother-in-laws house we had our usual delicious Sunday dinner.  I was perfectly contented with my portion and when they broke out the fudge-swirl ice cream with caramel AND fudge sauce (my FAVORITE) I felt fine saying no.  At first I surprised myself by saying no as I sipped my water, but then it felt GREAT and WONDERFUL and LIBERATING!  I had conquered the sweets this time!!  So this may not seem like a big deal to most of you but it was a turning point for me.  I woke up ready to get back on the program.  Another epiphany came while I was saying a blessing over my breakfast, I asked Heavenly Father to bless my food to keep me full and not want to snack before my next meal.  And not another bite entered my mouth until my carefully portioned and accounted for lunch.  Amazing.  :)  So I am going to chronicle my weight-loss journey here.  Complete with pictures.  I will take pictures weekly but may not get the nerve to post them right away, but I will put them up eventually.  And don't worry, I will be wearing my shirt in my pictures ;)  Keep me honest folks. 

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