Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Back Baby!

My husband doesn't like when I'm pregnant, probably because I don't like him much when I'm pregnant. I am not nice. I don't feel well. I am hormonal. Everyone and everything is striving to royally piss Mama off and doing a darn good job at it. When I got pregnant with Evalyn we had only been married a few months. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to get pregnant. All I ever wanted since I was 15 was to have a family and be a stay-at-home mom. (My mother thought I was crazy and probably still does) But then...I got pregnant. Oh gracious, I dislike being pregnant in a big way. I LOVE and am SO grateful and BLESSED to be able to get pregnant at all when several of my friends have and are struggling with having a child, but man I don't feel good for 90% of it. When you even annoy and don't want to be around YOURSELF you have issues.

Josh and I will be married 3 years on May 1st and I have been pregnant for half of it. The poor guy! Someone give the kid a medal! I really just want to talk about how amazing it feels to not be pregnant right now.

It rocks. Slam dunk. Period.

I super love my babies and Jack is a cake walk compared to Eavie but his gestation was hard on me. Church this past Sunday was a joy for the first time in months and months. I was social again! I wanted to talk to people and enjoyed showing off my baby. Conversely, I felt like a crabby hermit that got progressively more hermity and crabby as the pregnancy continued. I didn't want to talk or be talked to but then I would come home and cry about being lonely and not having any friends. I feel like my self-confidence is coming back. I remember feeling like this right after Eavie was born, but it was short-lived as we were so sleep-deprived, I didn't lose any baby weight, and I was working at home so I secluded myself from the world in general. Now that I am losing weight (down 27 pounds already!) and am not going back to work I feel like the world is my oyster! (That's a weird phrase by the way) So...this post was really rambly. I just wanted to say I am back baby!

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