Monday, October 22, 2012

Falling Leaves

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Pinterest?  There is such a cute craft I pinned for fall.

"A Falling Leaf Is Summer's Wave Goodbye"  Summer has it seems like Fall is waving! Fall is by far my favorite season and it always has been.  Growing up in central Florida made this a little difficult, but ever since that Fall trip to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina in elementary school I have been hooked.  The LEAVES people.  I am a major leaf person.  Trees.  Just love them.  We walk down the street and I am mentally planting trees in my imaginary yard based on shade or the magnificent yellow color the leaves turn. 
  Here in our new place we've seen early Spring (moved in March 1st) through now mid-fall.  There is an LDS nursery song that goes

"I looked out the window and what did I see?  Popcorn popping on the apricot tree"

We have an apricot tree outside our living room window.  We watched it pop with white blossoms this spring.  Excitement was an understatement. 

"Babe!  Do you see the blossoms?!  Do you see the apricot tree??"

Later in the summer...

"Babe!  Look!  Look at the little apricots!  Aren't they cute?!"

Two weeks ago staring out the kitchen window...

"Babe!  Look at that yellow!  Can you believe the color?!"

Everyone meet Florida girl who never got Fall...

Everyone meet Washington boy who thinks this doesn't compare to Washington's beauty.

He's not impressed :)  Happy Fall everyone!  Unfortunately all our beautiful fall colors are blowing across the street.  Some trees are already bare and will stay so until next April.  Bare trees make me sad :(  That's okay, just wait until it snows.


"Babe!  Look!  It's snowing!!!!!!"

I am not impressed with the slush and ice for 4 months but the new, fresh, falling snow can't be beat :)

Love you all!!  Now photo dump...

Crappy phone pics...

A little Fall flavor

Most of the leaves gone :( But yay Halloween bats!!

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