Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ok so new year new blog?

(As I try and write this Eavie is clinging to my arm and going "MAMAMAMAMA". Yes folks this kid needs a nap)

Happy New Year! There have been quite a few new years resolutions going on in the Sliger house and dang it! Why not add a couple more right?! Quick recap: Eavie is now 8 months old.... holy cow when did that happen? Christmas was wonderful, although I missed my family in Orlando desperately. And....that's about it. Oh yea. We now have a dental situation with Miss Evalyn, in the respect that she now has one (1) tooth to speak of. This event occurred (painstakingly) over the weeks before Christmas and we finally broke through a couple day before....one night of great sleep quickly followed :) In more tragic news...we have recently learned that the next door neighbor to our recent dental eruption (that's a weird phrase) is attempting to be a copy cat... in other words we have discovered that Eavie has more than one tooth and that teething does not end after the first has come in.... oh yeah.
Work time soon, thankfully I just work in the next room ;)

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